Portrait film about visual artist Mette Vangsgaard

Hjerthom Media has produced a portrait film about visual artist Mette Vangsgard. Mette Vangsgaard creates artworks in a wide range of materials. For the exhibition “Helium”, she works with ceramics and glass – and she has produced stop-motion films. The themes of the exhibition are rural life and the instability and uncertainty that characterize the […]

Portrait film about painter Maja Lisa Engelhardt

Hjerthom Media has produced a portrait film about painter Maja Lisa Engelhardt. In 2001, Maja Lisa Engelhardt created seven monumental paintings for the Social Democratic Party’s group room at Christiansborg. The paintings refer to the history of Denmark from pagan antiquity to Christian culture, but also to the Danish seasons. The paintings have not been […]

Portrait film about painter Jesper Christiansen

Henrik Hjertholm has produced a portrait film about painter Jesper Christiansen.  Painter Jesper Christiansen (born 1955) lives and works in Odsherred. For Odsherred Art Museum, he has created a series of landscape paintings with the theme: The four seasons. It’s an artist with a lot on his mind and with full control of the painterly […]

The music video for the song “Julen er på vej” sung by famous Danish artists

The support song ‘Julen er på vej’, written by Ivar Lind Greiner and sung by well-known Danish artists for the benefit of Danish People’s Aid and their efforts for vulnerable families at Christmas.   Henrik Hjertholm from Hjertholm Media has contributed as photographer to the music video.   You can support the Christmas help on […]

3 more new movies in the “The Whole Man” series

Just before the summer vacation 2016, the 3 new films in our film series “The Whole Man” were launched. The first two films, titled “The journey towards organic, part 1 + 2”, are about how care centers can make meals more organic. The third film, “Culture on prescription”, shows how cultural history museums can collaborate with care […]

Portrait film about the painter Sigurd Swane

Hjertholm Media has produced a portrait film about the painter Sigurd Swane. Sigurd Swane was a prolific painter with a career that spanned almost 70 years. In the first two decades of the 20th century, he was part of the Copenhagen avant-garde scene and put a French-inspired, painterly idiom on the agenda in Danish art. The film […]

Prostate cancer information film for the association PROPA

In collaboration with Storyboard Productions, we have produced 6 new informational films about prostate cancer for PROPA – The Prostate Cancer Association.   The films are on a DVD that all new prostate cancer patients will receive free of charge at the hospital when they are newly diagnosed.   The recordings took place at Herlev […]

Film about early detection of dementia for the Dementia Knowledge Center

For the Dementia Knowledge Center in Norddjurs Municipality, we were commissioned to produce a short information film, a TV spot and a radio spot about early detection of dementia.  The target group is the general population in the municipality who wanted to be informed about the signs of dementia in family members or acquaintances. At […]

Five new movies in the “The Whole Man” DVD series

After the success of the first 4 films in the DVD series released in 2013, we produced 5 new films in collaboration with Storyboard Productions – during the second half of 2014 – so that the entire series now consists of 9 films in total. The new titles again focus on elderly people in care […]

“The Whole Person” – 4 DVD movies in new eldercare series

Hjertholm Media, in collaboration with Storyboard Productions, has produced the series: “The whole person”. We are pleased to present 4 new elderly care DVDs aimed at all professionals in the care sector: Watch a trailer about the 4 films at http://youtu.be/RAXfdDMpqZM Buy the films in the Storyboard Productions webshop